What Our Team is Saying

Leave it to our family at Winnebago to tell you what we are all about.

The people are great to work with, you just meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. Everyone is just a big family here. We have great benefits, we have great health insurance. If you start out as a production worker, if you want to work your way up, you can absolutely do that. The sky's the limit at Winnebago.
I think it's a great environment that I'm around, and that's what makes me enjoy it so much is all the people that I work with.
I'm done 2:30, 3 o'clock, so when my child gets out of school, I can spend time with her, go to her games, so it works very well for me. I made that, you know? When you go in that unit, you look at the floor, I'm proud of that. I'm proud that we build a quality product.
You're building a whole house on top of a car, so there's a lot that goes in there. In academia, if they want you to learn something, they give it to you as homework. Here, there's not a lot of documents that go along with the jobs that you're going to learn. And so you learn directly from the people that do the work.
I see them going down the road, and I'm like, 'Ooo, I built that!' I'm really proud! I've actually liked my 401k, it's been fabulous to put money in your 401k, so I have a retirement fund that I can look forward to.

Great Culture

The Winnebago team encourages curiosity, critical thinking and growth. Mentors with decades of experience help newcomers become part of the team in no time. We’re always looking for ways to accomplish the task more efficiently, so we seriously take into consideration recommendations from those working on the line. We instill in employees a desire to achieve more and advance upwards in Winnebago.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Winnebago has a more than 60-year heritage of creating high-quality, innovative vehicles and a thriving community of owners.  Winnebago provides them with pride and a sense of belonging. With our commitment to unprecedented craft and innovation, we take our customers further. Winnebago means quality, durability and value to our customers.

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