We Build Prestige

Winnebago has been recognized for its desire to build quality, enjoyable products in a safe environment. These recognitions aren’t about certificates or plaques. They’re about the people behind the Winnebago brand building motor homes, RVs and more that reach a higher standard. Our employees take pride in the work they do, creating a product that will bring new experiences and memories to families for years to come.

Strong Values

You don’t just work for Winnebago, you join Winnebago. Our employees truly become a part of what makes Winnebago unique. The strengths of our employees help us reach new goals. We create a nourishing environment so people can explore new interests and develop new skills, building trust along the way.

Trust isn’t something earned overnight, it’s built over half a century. We take pride in our employee’s work and demonstrate that in our all-encompassing benefits and workplace culture.


Community Focused

As a major employer in Forest City, Iowa, we recognize that Winnebago is an integral part of the community. We’re not only a workplace for thousands of employees. The Winnebago foundation is a powerhouse for good.

The Winnebago Foundation focuses on bringing our purpose to our community by investing in, donating to and volunteering for local causes and organizations our employees care about. The growth of the Winnebago Foundation serves as another example and reflection of our guiding principles, our values and our purpose.

Our teams have come together to make Forest City a better place to live, sponsoring soup potlucks and food drives to support local food banks and hosting monthly blood drives to supply Life Serve Blood Center.


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